Undertow is an Indie band from Groningen, we’re not mainstream. In our music you’ll find artistic freedom, it’s non-conformistic. Inspired by daily life and artists and bands like The War on Drugs, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street band, U2 and Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit. Enhanced with our own creativity and emotions. Join us on this musical ride by listening to our songs. Wanna see and hear us on stage? Click here to find our next shows!

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Welcome to Undertow – True Northern Indie Rock!

Hey there, we’re Undertow, your Groningen-based ticket to a unique musical experience. Where did it all start? Rudmer and Jan (bass) found their musical connection at Jane Doe in june 2022 whilst playing in a BijVrijdag band. Rudmer and drummer/former colleague Jan already played a few songs together at Jan’s wedding. Dirk’s number was soon dug up and late September 2022 we played our first tunes. This ignited a journey from covers to now crafting our own Indie Rock gems. Arnout joined early 2023 and since then we can really pour our hearts into every chord and lyric. Music isn’t just a passion – it’s our lifeline, allowing us to express emotions and viewpoints.

Join us on this sonic adventure, catching us at upcoming gigs where we’ll be sharing our love for music. If you’re all about good tunes and good vibes, get in touch. Let’s dive into the Undertow, where rock’s rich past meets its limitless future!






(Guitar and vocals)
When I first picked up a guitar, more than 20 years ago,  I knew I wanted to play my own songs on a stage someday. Despite this dormant dream I held myself back from expressing my talents in the open for quite a long time. Now I found my way out. My way out is Undertow.

As a true Northern lad, I bring that special vibe to our music. Crafting rhythms and lyrics is my passion. When I’m on the drums, I’m in my element, and writing lyrics is where my emotions find their voice. Being part of Undertow is like riding a musical rollercoaster that fuels my creativity and drives me forward.

(Hammond and piano)
I am also known as the “Hammond Monster from the North.” My lifelong passion for blues and music led me to become a passionate pianist and Hammond organist. I honed my craft while studying at Friesland College D’drive and the Academy for Pop Culture in Leeuwarden. I’ve worked with bands like The Sidekicks, Soulblender, F.O.D., MAARIS, and Kaisar. I also play the bass for “not sure”.

(Guitar and vocals)
From a young age music has been a big part of my life. I used to tap on everyting that gave a little sound. Later on I discovered the guitar and after a while I wrote my first song. My role in the band is singer and guitarist. As wel as delivering songs. Music is still a huge part of my life and I can’t live one day without it!!

As the bass player, my inspiration is a profound, pulsating groove coursing through my soul—the rhythmic heartbeat of life, transmuted into notes. Inspired by city rhythms, shared laughter, and the stories in strangers’ eyes. But most of all, it’s born from the connection with Rudmer, Jan, Arnout, and Dirk. It’s magic when we unite, letting music communicate what words can’t.



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NL86 6046 343 B01

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